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Welcome To Ezrulie-Fredabotanica​

Ezrulie-Fredabotanica , was founded  in March 2012  by Nicola Stanley who is the sole proprietor of  Ezrulie-Fredaboutique.​  Ezrulie-Fredabotanica , was personally  named after one of the Hatian female Lwa .  As there are  many Ezrulie 

Within the Rada family , Ezrulie-Freda Dahomey is one of the original Lwa brought from africa during colonial times. Ezrulie Freda  is the Haitian African spirit of love ,  health ,  beauty ,  jewelry , luxury, and  flowers. Establishing a Business  in honor of her historical mileage brings great  pleasure to my heart. As the  founder/operator of Ezrulie-Fredabotanica , Ms. Stanley is  honored to provide service to the community , and assist clients in fulfilling their spiritual needs . My position , is consulting , and empowering like-minded individuals to achieve their highest passion in life . All Nation , sex, race, and culture are welcome to conduct business with Ezrulie-Fredabotanica .